How does the LGBT community view Islam if the Quran orders Muslims to kill homosexuals?

I am a lesbian, I am an LGBTQ activist and I am an ExMuslim. Allow me to start by saying that I saw Islam from inside and I know exactly what is Islam and what It says about homosexuals.

There is no chance for LGBTQ to survive in an Islamic culture/country. It is literally forbidden to be gay and you can get killed in different horrible ways. It is considered a crime and you can go to jail for a long time or you can get executed in specific countries like Saudi, Iran and Sudan for example.

ISIS is doing it publicly and a couple of my gay friends in Syria had been thrown from a high building.

Islam describes homosexuals as criminals, sinners and tells terrible stories about them. The point is that Allah,feels disgust talking about their forbidden lives and hates them so much that he decided to kill the whole village (Story from Quran). Muslims visualize the same image when talking about gays, lesbians and trans and it is very common to hear and see pictures and videos showing people attacking gays and trans publicly and some of them can not even get help or go to the police because they are scared to get arrested.

LGBTQ in the Middles East suffer to the maximum and can not show their real colors and they don't talk about their sexual identity or ask for any rights.

A lot of Muslims denied the whole situation either because they don't agree with Quran or they like to defend their religion but in all cases it is extremely dangerous for LGBTQ.

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