How does travelling solo affect ones personality?

I travelled alone to Ladakh for 12 days and realized that even a small solo trip can bring a considerable change in your personality.
  • When you travel alone, you spend a considerable amount of time with yourself which is very rare in today's over-intrusive world. You introspect into your life. A self-exploratory trip is priceless."Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere and sometimes in the middle of nowhere you find yourself."
  • Traveling alone makes you value your relationships more. When you are away from your friends and family, you realize their true importance in your lives.
  • Traveling alone makes you an independent, more responsible person. The planning and execution rests solely on your shoulders, and you are the one who is responsible for all the consequences. Sometimes you have to change yourself to adapt to certain situations. These all qualities get carved into your character and makes you a far better person.
  • A solo trip filled with challenges takes your confidence level to a whole new level. You develop the belief that nothing is out of reach of you.
  • Traveling alone helps you be you. You don't have to put on that mask when you are surrounded with your friends, family, and colleagues. You can sing a funny song, wear a cloth YOU like, talk to yourself, gaze aimlessly at everything, and no one will ever judge you.
  • You will meet some amazing fellow travelers, make new friends and learn about their passions and culture and share yours. You will interact more with the locals and know about their traditions, food, costume, and languages. These will not happen very often if you travel in groups.
  • When you come out of the virtual world of smartphones, facebook and whatsapp, you realize what reality is. You will observe people, and their way of life. You experience freedom.
  • Traveling alone can save your money. You are not bound to choose the expensive accommodation, transport, and food like everyone. You can customize the trip just for yourself.

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Let's first talk about what is personality and then i will jump onto how travelling solo can affect it.
Personality is taken from the Latin word 'persona' which means mask. This mask was worn by Greek actors to disguise their identity from the audience. Romans, therefore, used the term personality to refer to how one appears to others.
And from this another popular definition of personality which says it is the kind of impression we make on others.
Personality also determine individual's unique adjustment with the environment(or people around the individual), characteristic, behaviour and thoughts.

Now coming to how solo travel can affect ones personality -
~ solo travel gives you space and comfort among strangers - introverts do open up and they like the fact nobody is intruding into his/her territory.
~ solo travel gives you "your time" to do "what you love" - for ex reading books, playing a musical instrument, writing, star gazing, eating, etc - in normal routine this change is quite difficult.
~ solo travel can make you change your some habits for ex over eating, smoking, drinking, over and under sleeping.
~ solo travel makes you realize about wastage of food - you don't order extra food what you can't eat and also left over and uneaten food usually diminishes to a very far extent.
~ solo travel helps you to watch your mouth while speaking - for ex cuss words, etc do take a fall gradually
~ solo travel makes you more conscious about your surroundings, nature, environment - you don't litter here and there. You start throwing trash where it is meant to go.
~ solo travel makes you realize the importance of dignity of labor - be it a rickshaw wala bhaiya or a manager in the hotel.
~ solo travel makes you happy in sad times, keeps you grounded in happy times. You start realizing the real state of mind and its ups and downs and come to know that nothing is permanent.
~ solo travel teaches you that sharing is caring.
~ solo travel gives you a solitude which really do wonders in tough times.
~ solo travel can be quite challenging at times. for ex stranded on a Himalayan road or a difficult trek. -  You eventually find out your way out on your own.

Its fun to travel with friends and family but one must take solo travels too to make a change in his/her life if there is any need of it.
Solo travel is an experience which one should at least take once in his/her life. It really can be life changing and fun too :)

ps - there are many other things how solo travel can affect the personality, will keep on adding to the list.
happy traveling

Three years ago, I sobbed as I boarded a plane to Vietnam, a one-way ticket in hand. I was convinced I was making the biggest mistake of my life. I took a taxi to my hostel because I was afraid of public transport, I slept with my backpack on my back because I thought that was what you were supposed to do and it took only 24 hours for me to get severe heatstroke. I thought I'd be home within a week.

Now, I've visited 10 countries. I've fallen in love with food. I seek out new experiences because I know that stepping out of my comfort zone will help me to be a better person.

Three years ago, I stepped on a plane in the hope that it would change my life.

Here's what it taught me -

Finding answers

"To travel alone is to find the answers you've been seeking and discover the questions to all your unfounded thoughts"

Even through days of work, locking the mind and body behind concealed doors in order to cram a semester's final paper or spurn a creative project all we want to do is to find a solitude.

Who are you, I dare ask? Where are you? What are you doing, exactly? Why?

To find out I've a suggestion: quit work, take a leave of absence from work or school, and buy that one-way ticket to nowhere.


To take one's life within one's hands and have the freedom and maturity to mold it to one's desires is to embrace this basic knowledge.

On the actual day we take responsibility for ourselves, our lives begin to change.

We witness how we are responsible for everything we do-each thought, word, action and emotion. This acceptance of our own responsibility make us the artists of our lives.

In the words of Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller, "Why should I deem myself to be a chisel when I could be the artist?"


After the hurdle of self-responsibility there evolves a new respect and a new dimension toward living. Self-reliance is the response.

See it as the art of flotation after leaping into the air and clearing the hurdle of responsibility. It's the sense of lightness and contentment. It's a joy of accomplishment surpassing those wordily possession left behind.


Welcome to independence as you come down after the initial high and hit the ground running. You are now shaved of everything but your Self.

You are living your independence. No longer do you require anything other than yourself for happiness. No longer do you search for those outside fulfillments.

From the start, you were already alone. You were most likely in mother's womb alone. And now you're traveling, embracing this solitude, allowing you and only you to make all your decisions; what to eat, where to sleep, which train to catch and at what bus stop to depart.

You are the captain in your very own captain's chair. Want to sleep in the middle of the day, read on a bench the rest of the afternoon, take long midnight strolls out under the stars? Fine. Do it, because no one is stopping you except your hesitation.

Likes & Dislikes

Traveling alone affords the individual solitude in order to step out of society's role-playing games.

Now through these various layers of your evolution of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual growth-the solo-wanderer comes to terms with likes and dislikes.

Traveling alone affords the individual solitude in order to step out of society's role-playing games. It absolves all expectations of you. You don't have to listen to anyone. You don't have to meet anyone's needs. You have no schedules, appointments, meetings or deadlines with projects, papers, exams, etc.

It's just you. And through the sifter of the mind you begin to remember who you are, remember which elements and ingredients in life you enjoyed the most and those you enjoyed the least. Then, without hesitation (you must drop this), you leap upon the likes and forever discard the dislikes.


Emotions are a combination of mind and body sending you messages. They tell you where you are on a physical and emotional level. They inform you where you need to be-again, physically and mentally-in order to be healthy and whole.

With a continued awareness of what turns you on and off, emotions arise. They are not your friend's emotions, your roommate's, or your lover's no matter how you might wish otherwise. Those persons aren't here. You're alone.

Emotions are the parts to your totality-the inner psyche-and in seclusion may one best decipher their keys sounded from the past.

The solo-artist may come to terms with the depth of Ralph Waldo Emerson when he said, "None of us will ever accomplish anything excellent or commanding except when he listens to this whisper which is heard by him alone."

Patterns & Reactions

Ive been Anonymously asked this Question, And i cant help but wonder why someone would do that.....

Well it really depends on how you look at it, but to say the least it does help understand yourself better, discover im not very sure, but understand yes it certainly does. As someone who has travelled by himself for quite sometime and enjoys doing things by myself, i do love the independence and liberation travelling by yourself does seem to provide. As to discovering yourself i guess it primarily depends on how you travel. I personally just remember to keep the basics with me, pick a backpack and keep an open iteniary. I loiter around, watch people, enjoy the sights and sounds, and keep walking randomly around the place doing things that i feel like doing at the moment. that usually allows time for me to feel lighter, think, enjoy, contemplate about things i normally wouldnt have time for. So depending on how you travel it can be different, because even if you are lone, but have a fixed iteniary and a fixed agenda and plan you would be travelling much differently than the style i travel in, so that is a very different style.
A personal thought is that true discovery is the moment when you begin to discover and understand yourself better and travelling by yourself does allow you to do that to a large extent.

I hope that answers your query, and i am really curious who asked this question so please do drop me a message, i answered your question, and now i guess i can request the favour to be returned !!!
Heard of the Cliff Richard Song Travelling Light?

Check out number 33 on

Cliff Richards-01-40 : Cliff Richards : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

That's what travelling alone feels like.

In the song, Richards is travelling towards a sweetheart. But imagine the loved one is no one. Or maybe you. Or your search for yourself.

And then imagine what travelling alone does to your personality.

There is really only one reason people travel alone -- because they want to be by themselves.

How that came to pass - by choice, a tragedy, per chance, is irrelevant.

This isolation, is unique and in some ways, complete.

In the hustle of a suburban train or the quite of the mountains, travelling by yourself leaves you completely dependent on, well, you.

And without having to chat with someone all the time, it leaves you to assume or be, whoever you want to be.

In a suburban

Who are you in a jammed up suburban train? The keen observer in the corner looking at the world, making mental notes of people's expressions? Wondering if they're happy or sad? Making up their back stories?

Or are you the eavesdropper? Want to hear what the world around you is so damnably interested in? You, who were forever the talker, are you listening now? Oooh Politics? Or Bleah Politics? Are you surprised that people around you are so bright?  Or so stupid? So witty or mundane?

Or would rather just not hear or see anything? Would you rather sit in the corner with your book and your iPod and a dream in your eyes? Because that's why you're travelling. To get away from the all the noise? And a jammed suburban can be the loneliest place in the world.

On a mountain Pass

Does standing at a mountain pass, looking below at what you just climbed, and above at how far you still have to go,  make you feel small and insignificant?

Do you look at nature's wonders and think --- 'Look at this! This is so amazing and beautiful and I am so insignificant compared to all of this.'?

Or do you think  -- 'Look at this! This so amazing and beautiful! And isn't it amazing that that people like me can give meaning to this by enjoying its beauty and respecting it's grandeur?'

And that's the thing about travelling alone.....

You not only have to take care of yourself when stuck.
You've got your own thoughts .

Every action, every thought, is yours and yours alone. Nothing helps you find yourself better -- whatever that 'yourself' might be -- than a few days travellin' light.

Good luck.
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