How does warp speed in Star Trek relate to the speed of light? It seems it must be logarithmic to allow for travel across the galaxy.

OK, believe it or not, there were different Warp speeds for different Star Trek shows. Let me show you two of the most obvious.

For the original Classic Star Trek series, the warp equation is generally accepted to be:

    V = C * W^3

in which,

    C -- the speed of light ~3 x 10^8 meters per second.
    W -- the warp factor
    V -- velocity through space

If the sun is destroyed will the solar system still exist?

Well, depends how you destroy the Sun. Destroy by blowing it up, very ‘loud'? or destroy by sending some hypothetical beam of pure anti-electromanetic energy, destroying its very atoms in a ‘quiet' puff? I will analyse both.The Sun has been blown up:Well, firstly, the Sun's material would

What is the best way to have two phone numbers on one phone?

There is an app called Telos. It provides free phone numbers with real area code and there are multiple choices. You are able to know which one of your numbers someone is calling and call back on that number. It is convenient that you don't have

How is technology evolving?

It is no coincidence that the nature of technology is the same as the nature of biological evolution. If technology is indeed the extended acceleration of the evolution of life, it should be governed by the same three forces.Evolution of Life: