How does your after-work evening look like?

Depends on the day

On Monday evenings I have ToastMasters so either I will head straight from work to ToastMasters and then work out at the gym afterward or work out before hand grab dinner and then go to ToastMasters. When I get home, I will play with my little daughter and talk with my wife. I usually underwind by answering questions on here.

Most every other night, after work I go to the gym and work out. After I work out, I head home and hang out with my wife and little one. Sometimes I have work to do at night so I work that in sometime at night. I also like to take photos of my little one.

I also try to answer questions on here or read a book most nights.
Where in Sweden should I go? I want to travel there

Depends in what kind of interests you have. The replies below are all good ones, but as long as you're not more specific I can't really tell you. Food & drink, hiking, wildlife, shopping, art & culture, mountainbiking, skiing, rock festivals, visiting motorcycle clubs, swimming, museums...

What is Ireland hated for?

There is not much that Ireland can be hated for.  Some British people hate Irish persons due to the IRA and the bombings that took place in the 70s and 80s.  Other British people hate the fact that many Irish persons move to the UK to get jobs and/or to

Why will you never fall in love again?

Loving someone takes $$ time a goal not just how you feel. Romantic illusions are fantasies harlequen cherry toppings are for well off ,financially secure. Loving is dual process an does not mean anything else but what is applied. Feelings an heartbeats won't rent or but Ferrari.