How early do you wake up to go hiking?

This depends on the hike, the intention of the hike and which plans you have got...

For summits I prefer to wake up very early and start with headlight... As I hiked in the Lake District, Ben Nevis or up to the Carrauntoohil for example.

For long hikes (e.g. 23 miles on difficult trails) we hit the trailhead before day break. That helps assure we complete the hike in daylight. Another advantage of starting early is avoiding traffic, other hikers, and groups.

Wake up time would be around 4AM depending on the time of year and travel time to the trailhead.

Have you ever seen a cat and dog use teamwork?

For many years I had a German Shepherd bitch and a Maine Coon Cat (my first show alter).They were best of friends, in fact, Mouse the kitten arrived just as Hanni was at the end of a false pregnancy. She literally came into milk, nursed him for a couple of weeks, and basically raised him, causing some species confusion

Why are fast food restaurants moving towards the use of flat screen menus?

The simplest explanation is that it allows quick and easy menu changes at far less expense than the printed plastic.  For years prices were set at many large features chains merely because the franchise owners didn't want to pay for new menu board printing... It could cost a couple hundred dollars per store to have the boards