How effective is TRX Suspension Training?

What do you mean by "effective?"

Do you mean, "Does it provide a good workout?" The answer to that is yes-my heart rate goes and stays much higher (remaining above 85% of my maximum beats per minute) than when I am lifting (high intensity, low volume). TRX also allows you do exercises that just aren't possible with your body alone. It is hard work, burns through a lot of calories, and is an excellent workout that allows you to target different muscle groups well.

Do you mean, "Will it bulk you up?" The answer to that is probably not. With all body weight exercises, there are two factors that affect intensity-angles and your body weight. Pulling up from 45 degrees is a lot more intense that from 75 degrees. But the problem here is that in suspension training, there is a limit. You only really have 180 degrees of resistance possible, and your body weight probably is not changing very much, so the only way to progress is by adding volume. However, this added volume is unlikely to result in very large gains in muscle mass at all. So, you'd need to do something like add a weighted vest to increase intensity. The same is true with all body weight exercises, from pull-ups to hanging crunches.

Do you mean, "Will it build lean muscle mass?" The answer to that is yes. While it won't make you Arnold, it will still build some muscle. If you are leaning out, too, then that will be more visible. Building muscle and bulking up are not, in my mind, synonymous. Marathon runners build muscles in their legs, but they don't have 28 inch thighs like some bodybuilders.

For people who started an exercise and diet regimen, how long did it take before you could visibly start to see results? How long did it take for others to start to notice?

I noticed some results within 2 weeks, but then it was slowly incremental for at least 6 months. Within 1 year is when I truly could see how far I'd come. I understand this to be pretty common. Do NOT go by any of

Is the only way to sculpt my chest and loss chest fat is to do heavy sets of low reps and focus on outer and lower chest muscles?

First, chest fat. This is just fat. Lose fat, it goes from anywhere, spot checking can only be done via liposuction.Sculpting a chest? Try just building one. Bench press is overrated, but weighted dips are great. That and some kind of fly- cables, dumbbells, whatever, ought to do it. Consider some kind

Is it possible to do 10,000 push ups in a day?

Yes simply do 10 reps of pushups for 1,000 sets. Assuming it takes you roughly 30–45 seconds to complete 1 set of 10 reps of pushups, it should take you about 8–12 hours to complete. Factor in rest breaks/hydration breaks /meal breaks and this could easily be a 24 hour event or longer.Humans are capable of amazing