How expensive is Norway?

Norway is not much expensive but it all depends on how much you are earning.

I think the most expensive is to have a decent stay , we were having a company's accomodation so it all went fine.

Apart from that what I remeber let me gist you down -

Monthly pass valid for - tram , local train travel and bus - one pass only was - 650 K
A meal at Indian restaurant for 2 - appx - 250 Kroner
A tomato puree - 3 Kroner ;)

I was earning about 1.5 L p m and could easily save about 90 k- 1 L ( but I was not paying the rent)

The thing is you will really appreciate the quality of life atleast in OSLO which is the most populated of Norway's city ( we wont feel it as populated ) .
Downside in Norway is that Winters may make you depress and become homesick if you dont have a group to hang with as the daylight is for very few hours about 5–6 hours and summer is quite opposite and fun to stay as well.

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