How far away is Sun from the farthest known body in light-years?

Most distant object in the universespotted by Hubble Space Telescope, shattering record for the farthest known galaxy. Scientists have seen the furthest thing that humans have everseen - and it shouldn't even be able to exist. A galaxy 13.4 billion light years away has been spotted by the HubbleSpace Telescope.Mar 4, 2016.

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GN-z11 is a redshift galaxy farthest ever discovered from earth. It has redshift of z=11.09 which is approximately 32 billion light years from earth. Sun is 8 light minutes away from us, so GN-z11 is 32,000,000,000 light years and 8 minutes away from sun.

I won't recommend the travel though. Oil prices are pretty high. :)

Why should humans visit Mars?

There is no reason - none - for human exploration/colonisation of Mars. A deadly atmosphere that is insufficient for re-entry braking, poisoned soil (high in perchlorates which would have killed Watney long before he reached Schiaparelli) bitter cold even at the

What are alien life-forms that we still had no idea of?

We have no meaningful evidence that any extraterrestrials exist. We know the chemicals of life are found throughout the Universe. We know Planet Earth is about 4.543 billion years old (that's the same as 4.543 thousand million years old). From about 4.5 to 3.8 billion years ago, fragments of failed planets and smaller asteroids

What are the details behind the Roswell UFO incident?

The Mogul balloon story doesn't add up, especially when you have several witnesses coming forward to say it was no balloon. Jesse Marcel was very clear about what he saw. He said the photograph of him in Ramey's office with the debris was a setup. The real debris were not shown. It could