How far can Tesla cars go? How can this be possible?

On January 29, 2016, Tesla updated its website to add the Model S 100D, the extended-range version of the new P100D and now the longest-range EV in the world. In typical secretive Tesla fashion, the news didn't get so much as one single Tweet.

The new Model S and Model X 100D use the same battery pack as the P100D, the extra-fast Tesla model released a few months ago. Compared to the P100D, the 100D trades performance and power for range. The 0-60 time is a pedestrian 4.2 seconds, way down from the insane 2.4-second times the P100D is just about capable of.

But in return, you get 335 miles of range in the 100D, compared to 315 miles in the P100D. An extra 20 miles won't get you that much further in your road-trip planning, but it is enough to steal the crown of world's longest-distance EV from the Model S P100D.

Not only that, if you wish to go longer distances, you can stop at any of the Tesla SuperCharger stations and get a free charge. Using that you can easily travel 3,000 miles across country without paying for a charge or for gas.

So how is it possible? Big batteries, lots of storage, lots of charging stations, efficient motors, and traveling at speed limits.

Depends which model you have. For example, the base Model S has a range of approximately 260 miles.

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