How far is it around the earth?

Really? Until today I thought everyone knows this is roughly 40,000km.

The radius at the poles compared to the radius at the equator is about 299:300, I heard once. Going through the poles could be a somewhat elliptical path. Then going around the equator is not exactly circular also: we have mountains, valleys and seas, the sun is pulling on some side of the Earth, the moon is pulling, other planets pulling lightly. This deforms the Earth a bit.

Then your question is ambigous, it depends on the path or trajectory you take around the Earth. The moon circles at a distance of approximately 375,000 km (taking a rough average) so it takes the moon about 2.3 million km to go around the Earth.

For low orbit satellites it is somewhere in between.

What are some alien life form in works of fiction?

Anything and everything. Slime molds to devils to humans. Talking bears, greys, micro-organism that live on radiation. Red plants and worms of various kinds. The various aliens in fiction are legion.

Should abortion be legal?

~46 million women seek abortion every yearWHO estimates that close to half of these happen in unsafe conditionsEven today, due to the stigma around women's sexuality and abortion itself, a woman dies every two hours of an unsafe abortion.~80% of developed countries have legalized it. While just ~16% of the developing countries have legalized it.Most

What are the pros and cons of being a marketer?

You could write a whole article about this... actually, I just might eventually.I'll limit my list to the top 3 pros and cons:ProsYou'll become part of a highly-active global community of marketers that you can learn from. Also, marketers are generally happy to spread the knowledge, and that creates an awesome community