How far will I get building my body with planks and pushups?

You can build your body with any exercise. Pushups and planks are very good for building your body.

However you will not be able to get good results if your BMR is not good.

Do walk and rest routines as mentioned on my blog.

Hydration dehydration cycles will help in balancing every mineral and walking and rest routines will increase the RMR which will help in permanent cure of mineral imbalance in the long run.

Read my blog for more details and / Or watch my you tube videos at - rajinder bhalla

**In brief hydration dehydration cycles is as given here -**

Day 1 - Drink 150 ml water every hour from 7 am to 6 pm. Reduce meal size by 20%. No other fluid/ liquid.

Day 2,3 - Drink 150 ml water 1 hour before each meal. Total fluid intake 450 ml in the day. Reduce meal size by 20%.

Repeat for 2–3 weeks.

**To get best results increase Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) as well by doing the following**

Walk for 5 minutes at easy pace within your home in the morning. Reduce the meal size by 20%.

After walking rest for 15 minutes in bed.

Repeat the above 3 times in the morning and 3 times at night before sleeping.The more you rest after walking it will be better. The recommendation of 10 minutes is keeping in view busy schedule of people. 30 minutes is ideal.

For explanation of the above read my blog.

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