How hard does a rowing machine work your muscles?

I'm now three months into rowing, bought myself a WaterRower, it's a beautiful thing.

I always felt quite undeveloped in upper body area. I do a lot of walking so I never felt desire for running, but rowing, that seemed perfect to me.

After 3 months my posture is much better, slowly the belly fat is turning into muscles, and I feel much lighter, although I didn't lose a single gram of weight. It's quite incredible.

I'm 205cm tall, so body flexibility was always an issue for me, but after 3 months of rowing that improved dramatically as well.

I row mostly 5K per day, with decent intensity of 1:55 per 500m, and my plan is to do so entire year, to see what kind of result I can achieve.

But so far, this is the best sport I have ever tried.

How have you faced racism in your life?

Warning: what follows is very ugly.Some six or eight years ago, at one of America's seven maritime academies, I underwent training to become a ship's navigator and mate in the American Merchant Marine (‘Merchant Navy' in British English). Both at the academy and at sea, I experienced and witnessed racism so unbridled and rampant that it fundamentally

Can I stunt my growth by sleeping 7 hours a night instead of 8 or 9?

Yes, it is certainly possible that sleep deprivation during childhood and adolescence could contribute to a shorter adult height. However, there are a few things implied in your question that I find somewhat inaccurate, so let me first clarify...

Do I have OCD?

Caveat: I'm not a doctor or therapist of any kind. But I do have OCD and know a lot about it.It's all in the name.Obsessive-compulsive disorder. 1) Do you have obsessions?  Basically, do you have intrusive thoughts that you find ugly or disturbing but that you can't seem to stop thinking about?