How has fasting worked out for you?

Very good.

Fasting is a strategy not a diet to mobilize fat faster since it forces you to ketosis faster when your insulin levels are low and you workout on an empty stomach, basically your body will target your fat stores instead of the carbs if you don't eat for a period of time because your insulin levels will be low, if you consume carbs it will target the carbs as a primary source of energy.

So you need to follow a calorie deficit diet to make fasting work.

The diet is the key the fasting is the strategy.

If you are thinking that you can fast for a period of time then go on binge eating overeating everything that you want you are severely mistaken, because it will never work, without a proper calorie deficit diet.

Can we lose fat or weight only by dieting?

Yes you can lose weight by dieting.There's a simple formula :calories consumed < calories burnt = weight loss.But remember it's only weight loss not fat loss.If you limit your calories intake less then calories required by your body. In that situation your body fulfills the remaining calories required from

What are the effects of estrogen on men?

Estrogen is considered a female hormone that belongs to a set of molecules known as steroid hormones. It is produced in the ovaries of women and little amounts are made in the testes, adrenal and pituitary glands of males. Men usually have low levels of estrogen and a number of undesirable symptoms can result

What's the hardest thing in your life right now?

Being persecuted by a city ordinance which is applied wrongly.I was selling/renting my brother's house. After the renters stopped paying rent, I was forced to evict them, but before this happened, they vandalized the property and reported me to the city's building maintenance