How has traveling abroad influenced your worldview?

I think my greatest realizations while traveling were:

  • People are people. Wherever you go, most people have similar desires - everyone likes to enjoy themselves, have a little chat, some people enjoy music, some prefer to talk about sports. Everyone is in love with their kids and respects elderly people. I know it sounds super cheesy - but we really are all the same.
  • Western culture is not the only one. If you are fed up with what you are used to when you turn on the radio at home, just turn it on in India, in Mexico etc. Not necessarily better, not necessarily worse, but not inferior and just as popular there as the stuff back home.
  • The permanent complaints of people in my home country are ridiculous. I live in Germany and after traveling abroad you have to realize - this is a super safe country with all the amenities you could ask for. Relax, people.
  • The assumption that everyone speaks your language(s) just is unrealistic. Foreign languages are tough and I have to realize that foreigners in my country do have a tough time with learning the language - while a lack of knowledge of a certain language is no indication of being stupid at all.

How long would it take to travel 40 lightyears at 70% the speed of light?

To put that distance in perspective, the moon is 239,900 miles away; at their closest, Mars is 33.9 million miles away and Pluto is 2.66 billion miles away to the next closest star system.But the distance is only half of the equation. The

What would the night sky look like if we could see the star light we normally see in real time?

Oh, you mean if a person just walks outside to a dark, cloudless sky?Naked eye, it'd pretty much like any unaided visible view.It'd be a different story if you looked in wavelengths other than visible light, especially Infrared, but also UV, radio, gamma, the further away you get from visible light.

How long would it take to travel from Earth to the Sun at 99% of the speed of light?

Well, the sun is about 150 million kilometers away (the exact distance depends on the time of year). So since we know light travels at 300,000 km/s the calculation is easy.150,000,000km ÷ 300,000km/sThe zeroes cancel, and we're left with1500km ÷ 3km/s.The kms also cancel, so we're left with 500 seconds on average for