How has your personality changed after years of marriage?

I've got more patience then I had before, I'm more understanding and compassionate. I have a little more of a bite then before, and a little more of a fire personality then before. And I'm more blunt with people. I don't sugar coat things as much as I used to. I'm a harder worker, and I love more then I did before.

In your opinion, if you tell a person about your past after you have married them, then how would they feel? What changes can you expect in your married life?

A real story is ahead. A widower remarried. The new bride was utterly shocked to find her step daughter on her arrival.You can imagine how awkward and painful it must have been for the little child as well. The new bride was devastated, and hated the child to the core.So, I would suggest to disclose all material

What are some ways to stay fit without working out every day?

Go for a walk, take a short bike ride, or try not to sit as often for instance if you have a choice to stand or sit, stand. Try to use as much effort as you can doing basic activities. Say you have to walk up

Is it possible to lose 4 pounds a week? Can you post how-to in your answer if it is possible?

It is possible especially if you are very overweight but if you are overweight in the normal range, it is not healthy or sustainable. The rule of thumb is that 3500 calorie deficit translates into 1 pound of fat loss.