How have you maintained your weight loss? Is there anything specific you do that helps?

Honestly if you ask me my current situation then now I really don't have a control on my diet but that does not mean that I eat anything or everything. Yes no control means like earlier I stopped eating whole rice which of late I have started eating. I never used to eat any Mughlai dish but now once in a month when I feel like eating I eat. One thing which I have not stopped till date is I regularly eat 1 bowl of papaya everyday. I eat 1 full cucumber. And after lunch I eat 100gms of low fat yogurt.

And one more thing which I do without miss is my Zumba. I go to studio and do my Zumba classes regularly. Now my weight is stagnant, neither it increases nor reduce.

What software should I use for creating infographics? Can I use Photoshop to make data visualizations? Are there free applications to make infographics?

I'm not a professional designer. However I've learnt to make infographics easily through the combination of two tools:Adobe illustratorillustrioI design the basic shapes and begin to draw with illustrator only. But sometimes there are some elements I am not able to draw by myself. Then I use illustrio to

What incident changed the way you think of life?

When I was a kid, the abuse inflicted upon me didn't really make much sense to me. I didn't understand most of the time why I was being hit. Sometimes they would tell me it was to make me a better person but then they would hit me for no reason at all and I

What are some of the best Walt Disney World hacks?

Planning Hacks:One of my favorite hacks, is more of a planning 'hack', and that's making sure you use crowd calendars to book your visit. Knowing what the projected crowd levels are a great way to avoid crushing crowds during your stay. Undercover Tourist has