How have your views of life changed since you were younger?

How have your views of life changed since you were younger?

Well I'd say I'm defninitely a quite but more pessimistic.

I actually didn't really think about life all too much when I was a bit younger. No time for that. I was too busy playing and having fun, watching Tom and Jerry and crafting "potions" out of anything I could find.

I can still remember when I used to trust my parents, and thought I would go through life with no troubles.

Look at me now.

Wow, do I sound edgy.


-S. Techasukij

Will Africa ever be full of Developed Nations?

Define developed and I will let you know that is an illusion. America claims to be developed but won't admit racism. Same in the UK. Why are they exiting Europe? Coz they fear losing their identity to globalization.From a Pan-Africanist point of view, saying Africa is not development is like telling a 3 year old they are not smart.

What are the consequences if I put a hidden camera in a loved one's nursing home room? (If caught). I suspect she's being abused.

I don't think it's against the law to do it. Even if it is so what!! You are protecting your mother. I also think its a wonderful idea!! I've never heard of anyone getting arrested for doing it.There has been so much in the media lately about elder abuse in Nursing homes it's just disgusting.

Why do nurses 'eat their young'?

Some people are nasty, rude, and have rotten attitudes. When meanies are other nurses it can be difficult for newer nurses because they are already stressed out trying to learn everything. When I was a novice nurse some people were just horrible.