How humans are different from animals?

Basically we humans are also animals. We are just the most advanced creatures on the planet. I will try to put some points for the differentiation between animals and humans.

  1. We heve been gifted with high level of intelligence whereas animals are not.
  2. Our posture is vertical while it is horizontal in animals.
  3. Animals have accessory body parts such as tail, horn, hoofs, etc. Humans don't have this.
  4. We can speak they can't.
  5. Our nervous system is highly developed so we can think, analyse, decide, express in more clear and distinct way compared to animals.
  6. Animals follow the laws of nature 100%. They never harm the mother earth. We humans do exactly opposite.
  7. Animals do not have strong relationships like we have. Relation instincts like mother, father, son, daughter, sister, etc are very weak in animals.
  8. They live for food and sex and do not carry any special purpose in life.
  9. There is tremendous variety amongst the species of animals however all humans belong to the same species.
  10. Lastly, their love is unconditional while our whole life is with conditions.

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