How important are squat, deadlifts and bench press for your training?

These lifts, along with overhead press, should be the cornerstone of any strength building program.

The competitive lifts exist because they accomplish the primary upper and lower body push/pull movements and utilize the most musculature (the bench press and overhead press are a bit of an unusual case but I won't get into the history behind these two lifts in competition)

So, knowing that these are the most important lifts for gaining strength - they are the most important lifts to train in my program as well...and for that matter, any person that I'm helping train.

All of my lifts are core movements or assistance to core movements. This allows me to hit the entire body, while improving on the core movements consistently.

Not squatting today? That's okay because I'm doing pin squats

Not deadlifting today? That's okay because I'm doing deficit deadlifts.

Allowing enough time for recovery - this is the best, most effective way to train for strength gains.

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