How is India the largest exporter of beef in the world given that we have a ban on slaughtering cows in many states? How is India still the industry leader in cow slaughter?

The prime reason of India being the world's largest exporter of beef is that the country supplies mostly beef of buffalo. Besides Kerala, West Bengal, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Meghalya, Nagaland, Tripura and Sikkim; cow slaughter and meet is banned in most of Indian states. One of the main factors that contribute to the rise in beef exports in India is Ramzan Season. This festival is celebrated by Muslims around the world when demand of Indian beef peak globally. This festival takes place during Summer Season, i.e. May to July. Basically, Ramzan is scheduled for about 1 month only but time of the festival varies year to year and takes place in any of the said months.

I don't exactly know the reason behind beef ban. But I can tell you the effects of beef ban.

First of all, they are not banning beef, they are banning cow slaughter. By which, one can eat beef but could not sell cows for slaughter.

But also they frame regulations on how one should treat cows, buffaloes and camels.

By one of the new regulations, they say that one should not pierce a rope through the nose of the cow and should not even use natural or any colors to paint the horns of the cow.

The enumerated points above are some of the traditional practices in most parts of India esp. Tamil nadu.

So by following these, a mediocre citizen / farmer could not raise cows for domestic dairy and meat. So as of now, one can eat beef but could not sell cows for slaughter.

It is now obvious that, in near future, we can all see domestic and foreign corporates selling dairy products and frozen beefs in cans.

The beef ban is because of the Jallikattu protest in Marina beach, Tamil nadu. They are trying to destroy the indigenous cattle breeds in any way they can. So that corporates can occupy dairy industry.

And the notification is formulated by some bad people in the Central ministries.

I'm a pure hindhu. It is the right of me NOT to choose cow as my food and treat it as a holy animal. I can not impose others to follow the same.

It is like asking lion and tigers not to eat deers and build a sanctuary for deers.

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