How is Indian culture better than Western culture?

Actually Indian culture is not better than western one .

Indian culture teaches something which is totally shit , and doesn't even make sense .

Western is better because it teach life they work by their own they don't force anyone to anything and specially don't hurt anyone's privicy which is often neglected fact in Indian culture . They teach to work for yourself not for your mom and dad for rest of your life . They don't make them burden for them for rest of life . Okay I agree they grow you up but we are also gonna have kids and we have to take care of them and what they gave to us we gaving to our child so it's basically life cycle . Helping a helpless person is good but only to a extend you gotta pull your shit together and move on to your survival

India is having family based human society. Sr.member of family is sharing thier culture experience 2 new generation. In western that's people's minds and philosophical Movement's Point of matter is nothing.just living

The most important aspect of Indian culture is strong family and well established social institutions. Whereas in western culture, state is strong provide almost all the required things.

In other respects western culture undoubtedly contributed a lot in development of human as well as culture such as whatever science, technology, innovation in transportation, communication, education, architecture, road, rail, aviation etc. our all modernity is a result of hard work and pioneering of the people in western culture.

For example Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation, Female as God, Caste as replacement polytechnic and division of labour (caste conflict and exploitation keep apart) architecture, astronomy and astrology, Rag,laya,tal as well as organic agriculture are some very unique and parallel gift to the humanity.

If India can invade and annex Hyderabad, why can't Pakistan invade and annex Kashmir?

First of all, Pakistan can't occupy Kashmir, for that it has to wage a war against India. Turn the pages of history and you'll know the result of 2 previous wars. India won the war to annex Hyderabad, can Pakistan win the war against India to annex Kashmir?Hyderabad is geographically landlocked on all sides by India,

Will communism work in Africa?

Well, let's look a few examples of how well Communism has worked in other developing countries: China - failedVietnam - failedCambodia - failedAlbania - failedCuba - failedNorth Korea - failed Note that I'm specifically talking about Communism as a form of economic organization here, not as a political system.  

Has a country ever occupied land and returned it back?

Japan had to give back, albeit reluctantly all the lands acquired as result of her aggression after the second world war bar the four principle islands now consitute Japan. Much of China, Taiwan, Pacific Islands, SE Asia. Portugese returned Macao to China after almost 500 years of occupation. Goa was returned to India.