How is Kerala?

Only a Person who has left kerala will know the value of kerala.I am such a person,so i think i can answer this question.

Remember the proverb Muttathe Mullakku Manamilla. (We never see what's in our hand, we search it somewhere else.)


Loving neighbors Our neighbors are like our relatives each and everyone knows each other .you can enter any house and have food or watch TV with them.But hear (Singapore) i don't know the name of my neighbor past 2years .

BACKWATERS I am basically from alleppy (kuttanad,Rice bowl of kerala).allepy is famous for its backwaters.Only a person who has grown up in allepy would have enjoyed the backwaters to the most,no matter how much you spent on houseboat or resorts you wont get the happiness what we enjoyed free of cost only to know the value later.

This is where we used to have bath (never knew what is a shower or geyser)

Why do some people 'marry down'?

Marrying up, or down, is a simplistic idea going back to outdated notions of royalty and class society.Modern democracy and freedom have proven that humans are equal, when given the opportunity to prove it. Economic theory, from the

For how many days should muscles hurt after a workout?

It is understandable for a beginner in the gym to experience muscle soreness during the period of adjustment to the exercise routine. But 3–4 days is too long, make sure you are doing things that can assist/speed up your recovery. Here are some tips:Make sure you are getting enough sleep (7–8 hours a

Is 16 too old to still live with your parents?

No, it isn't too old at all.In the US and most Western countries I know of, it is not just normal, but expected, that 16-year-olds will live with their parents.You are not legally considered an adult till you reach 18, and even so it is very common for young adults (18–22, and often even further into