How is Qualcomm able to file so many patents every year?

It's not only Qualcomm but companies like Huawei, Ericsson etc in communication space are filing lot of patents in the field of 5G, IoT and other related domains.

Filing of patents depends on the Business model of a company. According to an article in Bloomberg, Qualcomm's income from its intellectual property accounted for about two-third of its profits before Apple and its manufacturers ceased paying royalties last year

How much fuel did Concorde use?

Concorde, has multiple (11–13) fuel tanks which are detailed below. During flight fuel is transferred from tank to tank to maintain trim and balance of the aircraft as it does not have a full tail Plane. As it has multiple fuel tank system we can

Should we watch the Padmavat movie?

An eye candy movie; And its not the magnun opus of Sanjay Leela BhansaliFrom the very beginning, this movie will try to buy you out with its lavish sets, costumes and visual effects but as it proceeds futher it only seems like a show-off; how they have spent

What would happen if Apple, Google and Microsoft were to become political parties?

Apple, promises a lot of things that people have already done, takes credit for it, and looks innovative.Google, it's partners don't really update their platforms when Google does so it is very dysfunctional.Microsoft, good relationship with it's partners, isn't completely dysfunctional and manages to see the future,