How is Thakur College for an MMS?

Well Thakur is one of the best colleges in Mumbai even I was a student of that college. Thakur gives you best placement after NIMS and some colleges but no doubt its a good college unless you don't have to give donations even the crowd is good but if you want 100% placement I would recommend you NIMS but no doubt it is a good college and has a decent crowd.

Nowadays every college seems to be successful in applying and receiving permission for starting management education. Not sure if Thakur College is all that good for the MMS course. You need to think well before splurging your hard earned money.

How to pass the NetApp exam

To pass the NetApp exam you have to follow some basic Exam Strategies. Like:1. You need mental preparationYou have to think about on why are you getting NetApp and why do you want to be NetApp certified. It is always important to keep you mentally active as well.2. Approach and dive in deepYes,

How does a star go supernova and turn into a neutron star or a black hole?

After the completion of thermonuclear reactions in the core of the sun , the outward force due to theses reactions exceed the inward gravitational pull of the core n the star results in expansion and based on the stars weight acc to chandrashekaran limit it make result in forming a

If humans were to further evolve, would we look different?

Evolution is like fortune-telling in a way. If the Chicxulub meteorite hadn't landed, we might be descendants of dinosaurs, with feathers instead of hair. No one, 65 million years ago, would have had any reason to guess that a meteorite was about to crash into the Gulf of Mexico in a year.Will we look different? We;ll