How is fishing and boxing considered exercises?

Apparently you have never boxed, because if you did you would know that it is a supremely demanding sport that requires an extremely high level of fitness. In my 20's I was in pretty good shape and got in the ring for fun. I couldn't last two minutes before I was gasping for air.

Fishing as exercise, is not not very demanding however you are constantly casting and retrieving which probably burns a few calories. If you use a kayak, canoe or rowboat you will get exercise piloting the boat. If you are fishing from shore the hike to your fishing location and walking between various locations will provide some exercise. At least it's better exercise than sitting on the couch.

What is your favorite song right now?

Here it is:A Bad Dream by KeaneThe song is a tad melancholy, not going to lie, but I am obsessed with listening to it. The song was inspired by a poem of a fighter pilot in a world war who was sick of fighting, and

Is there a truth? If so, what is it?

Is there a truth about what? If you are asking whether or not there is truth in general, you might find the following argument interesting: Suppose that there is no truth. Then it must be the case that it is

What are the 10 basic calisthenics exercises that I should do?

You don't need 10 exercises to get started in Calisthenics.There are 4 Exercises I suggest to a beginner and they are:Push-upsPull-upsSquatsDipsDo a Full Body Workout consisting of these. If they are too hard do easier variations so for example:Knee Push-upsNegative Pull-upsAssisted SquatsNegative DipsOnce you have mastered those four exercises (it will take moths, maybe even a year) you can