How is hathway broadband in Pune?

Experience of 4–5 customers from different parts of Pune. We are group of friends live in different parts of Pune and have Hathway broadband connection at our home. Below is our summarised experience with Hathway.

  • Well i have used Hathaway internet and their cable tv and didn't face any problems which my friends with tikona isp were facing, personally now i have stuck to bsnl which is slow but really very reliable when i consider to use it in business activity and i get a proper tax paid bill, which Hathaway, tikona , airtel, you broadband also provide but their dealer at your locality which actually buy a business plan from them (bsnl excluded) dont give a proper bill but most of them in city now do provide proper bill when requested, also check who is offering better deal , or combo offers with other services, eg: online payment system to pay internet bills, data usage tracking etc(if on limited plan) and most importantly customer service in which bsnl,Hathaway, youbroadband been old in city have good reach and better idea to encounter problem while airtel or tikana might seem giving silly reason's at instance. Probably go for youbroadband , Hathaway, bsnl respectively.

Happy Customer. I have been using Hathway Broadband for last 6 months with 3 months plan but I haven't discovered any problem with it. Its connectivity in Kothrud and Karvenagar is really good though its plan are bit costly but you will not face any problem. Even if there is any problem just call their Customer Care and they will discuss with you the problem and solution for it( like if the router needs to reset) . I started my journey with Hathway on 19th July 2016 with 4535/- 3 months combo plan which included the benefits of 50 mbps speed for first 60 GB and then unlimited 2 mbps. On October 19th 2016 I renewed my plan with 4535/- topup and to my surprise they increased the data limit for 50 mbps to 90 GB and my third plan due on 19th January 2017 I asked them for benefits and as expected my Fair Usage data limit for 50 mbps data limit was increased to 150 GB. So win win situation.

BTW if you are going to select 1 mbps plan then the speed will be really very slow. So I would recommend to go for Hathway Broadband if and only if you are subscribing the larger plan.


First of I tell you that don't believe in Hathaway connection. It's very poor condition in terms of connection as well as speed of browsing and downloading. I used Hathway connection past 6 months . I am not satisfied with Hathway connection. But my some friends tell me that their connection very good and fast . So it is also depend on location.

But I am suggesting that don't take connection of Hathway .

Best of luck for any other connection.

Hathway is a joke. They have the moat unreliable internet service. Their servers keep failing every now and then. The most recent example is me calling their customer care 5 times in 4 days. Their technicians never got back.

Till July 2017 things were a bit different. They were very reliable. Not anymore.

As a customer with 2 connections, one in Pune and one in Thane, take my advice. Try anyone else

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