How is it possible to see so far into space?

The thing is that here at planet Earth we just have to wait for the light, the photons, from distant galaxies to travel to us. Light travels at a fixed speed and so we get the unit "light year". This is the distance light travels in one year so it is a unit of distance, not time.

So we can see not only a long way away but in effect back in time also. When we look at a picture of the distant universe we see it as it was when the light left there. At the moment that is some 13.8 billion light years away. Or, as the universe was 13.8 billion years ago.

The trick is that photons, light, will travel forever if nothing gets in its way but to an observer, us, it does get dimmer the further away you are. So you have to be able to build a very good telescope and camera to be able to capture as much light as possible. Then point in the direction you want to see, leave the camera aperture open for a very long time so as to detect as many photos as possible, without it moving or jiggling at all, and hey presto ..........

What would happen if a neutron star collided with our sun?

The ultradense neutron star would most likely pass right through the sun. The sun, however, would explode due to the shock wave from the neutron star.The more interesting case is a neutron star orbiting within the envelope of a supergiant star and then falling in to its center.

What group of people are actually good that most people think are bad?

Sometimes it is difficult to know. People could present themselves as good even if they are not actually are. So, their true nature will most likely be exposed when situations demanded them to be exposed. There is no choice when that moment arrived.When you say group of people who were actually good, but most people think are

What are the best arguments to vote for the 'Republicans'?

Many reasons: Jobs. Economy. Security. Crippled ISIS. Military rebuilding.Good Supreme Court picks. Tax cuts. Regulations pruned. Withdrawal from Paris accords.Redo of trade pacts with Mexico and Canada. Immigration changes. Supporting religious freedom.Support for Israel and not mincing words with NATO freeloaders. Taking on swamp, biased media. Etc.