How is life as an adult?

I am 66 years old, happily married for the past 20 years, and yes, I am happier now then when I was a young guy. I have resolved a lot of the inner conflicts that made me unhappy and alienated from life. I was raised in an old New England mill town; I had good parents but they had been poor- even by depression standards- and they never got over it. I suffered from depression for many years, and they couldn't help me much- I had to do things for myself. But I realized that when you are young, you can always turn things around because time is on your side.. So I strategized about what would truly make me satisfied with myself, and I went for it. Today I am a college professor, married to a gorgeous woman who is my also best friend. I am financially independent. I have traveled around the world and had an interesting life. And I have a satisfying life with great friends, some which I have known since grammar school. Yours is a good question; one that I used to ask a long time ago. I would say don't be afraid to get old. Each year is what you make it. You will have plenty of experiences, good and bad- they come with getting older. Youth is terribly overrated. My parents always said that their happiest years came after 60.

Do cats eat less on some days?

Usually they are not feeling well if they are eating a lot less. A cat can actually go into liver failure pretty quickly by not eating. Check the cats gums to see if they are very pale or have a yellowish tint. Also check if the cat has a fever and

How old were you when you first ate sushi? Where was it and what did you think?

I was 11 at masayukis restaurant in capitola ,ca .with my mother the roll a would always get is pretty decent . I would order a smoked salmon avocado cream cheese roll with lemon and tobiko . Interestingly at another restaurant mAsayuki and I worked beside one another his

What exactly makes a 'slow' food restaurant healthier than a 'fast' food restaurant?

It isn't. Fast food restaurants have been demonized by the media a lot. What makes food healthy are the ingredients that are in it and the portions you consume. You can make a stir-fry at home in minutes, if you have the ingredients and depending on those ingredients and the portion you eat, your stir-fry can