How is life in Panama?

I liked this blog by a Kiwi Expat living in Panama that I thought I would share. Lots of useful information on moving there if you are interested:


If you're looking to work in fast-paced Panama City, relax on one of the many white sand tropical beaches, or spend time hiking around the county's many mountain trails, then Panama has it all.

Panama rose to the top of the expat wish list a few years back due to the great weather options, postcard perfect scenery, cheap cost of living, and ease of transition. Although moving to a Spanish speaking country could be terrifying for some, the more relaxed or adventurous lifestyle could make it worth it.

I'm one of the few Kiwis (New Zealanders) living in Panama. The good news is the Friendly Nations Residency Visa actually makes it pretty easy and painless to move here, we can get lifelong residency and never expiring work permits. Now 47 countries are part of this amazing Panamas Friendly Nations Visa program.

Fine, but it depends what your interests are Tyler. In general:

Around three quarters of the year we have extremely high humidity and rain. The other fourth, it's extremely dry and sunny.

Panama has a total population of around 4 million. Most of it concentrated around the Panama Canal and Panama City, in particular, on the Pacific coast. The eastern and western provinces are, by contrast, sparsely populated.

While our GDP is great, development (income distribution and quality of life in general) is not that great. Real estate investment, for example, is strong but urban development is largely absent.

At the moment, the country is attractive for its tourism and commercial and a thriving service oriented economy. Its central geolocation has always been one of its strongest assets.

If you are simply looking for tourism and a place to kick back, Panama has a lot to offer considering its small geographic footprint. Panamanians are very friendly. City life is great for parties and there is a lively and festive night life. The coasts meanwhile, are dotted with small towns and tourist resorts of different sizes.

If you plan to stay for some time, for work related purposes, learn to speak Spanish.

It's pretty interesting. First of all, Panama is geographically beautiful. From the sandy beaches of Bocas del Toro, to the mountain heights of Volcán down to the Pacific Coast, it also has a very diverse and engaging capital city.

There are a lot of problems though. Panama is a developing nation and is currently building both its culture and its infrastructure. Panama has been a free nation for only 17 years. Compare that to the age of the U.S. or Britain, even.

The people are warm and kind and the economy has a good pace. So all in all, it's a very engaging place to live. Enough places to just enjoy how wonderful the world is, but also enough economic, political and social conflict to stimulate the will into activity.

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