How is maths used in biotechnology?

Mathematics has lots of uses in biotechnology. For eg in pharmaceuticals and food science, the amount of chemicals required needs mathematics.

Bioinformatics, another major branch of biotechnology need mathematics in building programs and algorithms for data storage and access.

I'd answer this question from a student's perspective. First of all, it's important in chemical conversions and calculations.Also, most of the entrance exam consider mathematics to be an essential part of their question paper.

Questions based on probability, permutations and combination, Venn diagrams, some simple differentition and Integration are important.

Also Biostatistics is a useful subject to understand research methodology.

Its important to undestand corelation, covariance regression analysis and test of hypothesis.

Does light move, or is everything moving and light is static?

The answer is very simple: Yes, light moves; it is never static. What's surprising is that no matter how fast you are moving, light always moves at the same speed (186,000 miles per second, as I remember). If you want to know how this surprising result can happen, there is a simple explanation based on the way

Does Google believe the Earth is flat?

Does Google believe the Earth is flat?When I compare actual photos of landscapes with the same vista in Google Earth Street View, I consistently find that Street View shows distant mountains as being higher than shown in the photos. Why is this?They do not believe the Earth is flat.However, they optimise their

What are the best movies about zombies?

Thanks for the A2A.This one is rather tough for me as zombie movies are not my favourite subgenre of horror movies and I think there are very few truly good zombie flicks. But I will give it a go.Again, these are movies that I have seen. In