How is sociology related to education?

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If you haven't taken Social Problems yet that class will probably answer this question much better and more in depth than I can take here.

Social problems/sociology/societalal issues that affect education.

Low income parents who might not have even graduated high school themselves can't help their kids with their homework, so teachers don't send busy work home anymore. They had to spend a day or two reteaching the kids the right way to do the work. So it's better if they just keep the work inhouse. They can pull kids out that have lower aptitudes for subjects now and that really helps each individual student.


In my town we have about 10 elementary schools. More than half of them have more than 97% on free lunch programs. That means that 97–99 kids/families out of a hundred is at just above poverty level or below. Then the rest of those kids at those schools get reduced lunch costs. Very, very few kids pay full price for their meals at these particular schools. If any pay full price, there are a couple that don't have any kids paying full amounts.

The remaining schools break down sort of like this. Two of them have the affluent neighborhoods and their kids go to public school instead of private. So these neighborhood schools have about 60% free lunch then about 15% reduced lunches. That means that more than 65% of the kids in that school are low income, not all are at poverty level but a majority of them are.

All the others have about 65%-75% free and then about 15%-20% reduced.

This break down shows how much of our area is lower income census area. We take in a couple of tribal areas too. BUT we have a high mixture of Native Americans, Spanish speaking people, a few blacks, and then a lot of white people. Not all these people are on welfare either. Most have at least one parent that works at minimum wage.


Absent parents, might be in prison, drug related crimes, abuse/assault crimes, death, etc...those kids don't have the nuclear family role models that some kids have. So they are left alone more than other kids since mom/dad is probably working two jobs just to pay rent and put food on the table. Organizations like Big Brothers/Big Sisters takes some of that stress off but really, nothing replaces that parent that's missing.

Gangs, inner City crime, fear, lack of support in the community, and so many other things affect how kids learn and their attitudes toward education overall. They have no dreams except to stay alive and to protect their families.

So many things are happening to our country. Over the last decade with budget cuts everywhere people lost their homes in droves and had their family living in their car until it was repossessed.

Medical care, education grants/financial aid, food stamps, low income housing, and more were cut and cut and cut, til people can't dig their way out of poverty.

The study of society, social problems, and the needs of low income people have to be addressed and resolutions found so that the children growing up hopeless and needy aren't going to perpetuate that level of life.

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