How is the IoT (Internet of Things) changing the world of CRM (customer relationship management)?

Field service change with technology changes. Paper-based, on-site systems have given way to field service management software and cloud-linked solutions. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality,unmanned systems, and more will continue to reshape business models and customer experience touchpoints within field service and manufacturing. These revolutionary technologies can help manufacturers generate greater revenue and improve the overall customer experience.

With businesses using connected devices to provide agile services and solutions to their customers, they are also looking for ERP and CRM solutions to procure information from these connected devices to provide a 360-degree view of daily operations. Now that employees can carry connected devices and report activities from the field, real-time data becomes a common business asset.

How IOT and Connected field services are changing the phase of CRM solutions ?

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The Era of Connected Field Services with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Internet of Things/Internet of Everything to Process of Everything for CRM

Imagine this -
  1. The product talks to another product you or your partner sold, and work together to add more value. For e.g. the fridge talks to your smartphone to remind you to order new eggs
  2. The device you sold has called home to let you know that there is a problem with it
The possibilities of "things" talking to each other to either resolve, or get help to resolve the issues are endless.

And, that is what IoT is doing.
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