How is the Japanese school security like?

Rather than school security I think it is more than neighborhood security

Just like Sue Umezaki said in most places the community, especially the retired citizens, would be the ones patrolling for outsiders, as well as look out for fires and robberies. Also there are a lot of houses that have a sticker to show that it can act as a safe house if and when children (or women) feel they are being followed.

As the schools per se, some schools may have a guard, most don't. If there is someone unknown inside the school perimeters the children are bound to inform a teacher who in turn will call the police.

A good thing in Japan, the police will not take more than 20 minutes to arrive.(mostly they will arrive within 15 minutes of receiving the call)

Is a 5 minute mile good for my first ever mile race? I am 15 and started running training 6 months ago.

Yes, that's very good. However, if you want to improve, you will need to continue to train consistently. Make sure to run over the summer. At some point, you want to be hitting 50 miles a week. Make sure you're getting enough

What is an appropriate real food post workout snack?

An appropriate post workout meal should be rich in proteins with carbs. This is because while we workout, it depletes our glycogen stores and also result in breakdown of muscles. Hence, protein based food should be provided immediately for muscle repair and synthesis of new muscles.

During the hardest times in your life, what has been the driving force that has kept you going?

My kids. I chose to have them even though I knew their father wouldn't be there and I had no family support. These two human beings depended on me for everything and I was not going to let them down. I only had one chance to raise my kids and I gave 110%. No matter how many mistakes I