How is the Republic Of Ireland's independence movement viewed today in Britain?

What Independence Movement? I thought we'd left all of that behind us - unless you support Sinn Fein?

I recall this question being posted previously, and the answer is the same. The Republic of Ireland hasn't got an independence movement, because it is already a self governing sovereign state.

Eire has been independent since 1921 and that was the last time Eire was viewed as anything but independent. Are they now seeking a different kind of independence?

For most Brits, it really isn't thought about at all. The answer is that we think about it as much as the American war for Independence. Not a lot. The ROI is a great country and I hope to visit one day.

There is still tension between Ireland and England, but the Queen has helped to simmer the hatred that both countries feel towards each other. I went to Ireland 3 yrs. ago and it was a wonderful place to be. I would recommend going to Ireland as often as possible. Great food, great fun and really, really , really wonderful people. I can't wait to go back.

What happened to the 170 German prisoners who stayed in Japan after the end of WW1?

During their internment the prisoners formed an orchestra which performed over a hundred concerts between 1917 and 1920, including at nearby Ryƍzen-ji.[1][2]On 1 June 1918 the prisoners mounted the first performance of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony in the country. This event is the origin of the popularity

Will you stay with someone who never loved you?

Ultimately, no. I was in this situation many years ago. After a few years I left because every time I wanted to say "I love you" and to express my deepest feelings (particularly after times of intimacy). I could not. Or if I did, it would be

Have you ever travelled for work?

Thanks for asking. Yes I have a number of times as I go to the convention all the time. I enjoy my travels. I still try to find discounts even for business.