How is the U.S Military viewed around the world?

The US military is an awe inspiring force that is mainly built around the strategy of attack. With over 12 operational aircraft carriers and about 750 military bases around the world. America's ability to logistically move around armadas does impress even the biggest US haters.


The US track records have not been to impressive, with most of it's wars resulting in defeat. The most embarrassing defeats came from much weaker countries. Lately I've noticed blunders that result due to being demotivated or over worked. Blunders so serious that sailors are dying/drowning because their battle destroyer sailed into oil tankers, then another destroyer crashed into a massive container ship. Four incidences now surely proves that the US military is to overstretched with to many commitments and is showing signs of being unbalanced, a little disorganized and in desperate need of a morale boost. The whole world watched how Russia easily destroyed ISIS in Syria and within 2 years. The US is still fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan going on 15 years soon. What's going on?

The US military is also affected by the massive devide that's splitting America and is clearly showing signs of being an unstable, inefficient and definitely not a united country in harmony.

Personally, I don't believe that America would be able to win a 1 vs 1 war against Russia or China. Just imagine both. I think that with the current situation that America is in, they would seriously struggle to defeat India.

If America was as united and rested as they were 17 years ago, with a much better maintained military, there would be no doubt of America's sheer dominance and strength.

Today however, the doubt is there.

A great ally who can sometimes be a bit too gung-ho.

Excerpted from Franz-Stefan Gady, "What Do Chinese and Russians Think of the U.S. Military?" The Diplomat (January 2015)

According to a Spring 2014 Attitudes Survey by the PEW Research Center, China sees the United States as its biggest threat. Another survey conducted in Russia showed that Russians are more afraid of the United States than the Islamic State.

While there is of course a difference in perceptions between U.S. allies and U.S. adversaries, the sensation of this latent fear holds true, in varying degrees, for a diverse range of countries (in 2013 another survey found that the United States was seen as the greatest threat to peace in the world). The United States is the indispensable military power, but this seldom translates into genuine gratitude and more often than not slides into open anti-Americanism, as history has illustrated time and again. Based on discussions with policymakers in Europe and Asia, the attitude of most U.S. allies is that the only thing worse than fighting with the United States is to fight without her.

I know in Vietnam, we see US soldiers as worse than Nazis. There is nothing we can think of that is as horrifying as what has been done to Vietnamese by American soldiers. Men and women tortured and killed slowly by American soldiers? Yep. Children killed in front of their parents? Men and women killed in front of their children? Yep. Whole villages slaughtered like animals? Yep. Little girls getting raped and cut up by American soldiers? Yep.

But you know what the worse part is? After if was over, there are US soldiers still trying to say they slaughtered millions of farmers for freedom. As if all those dead Vietnamese were evil or something. For just trying to live on the land they were born on.

As has been stated, different parts of the world view us differently, but as a whole, US troops are respected 60 - 80% range, with the average being +75%.

US Troops are know to be friendly, capable, and dependable. Foreigners who have never been to the US bombard us with a thousand questions about "Life in America". They are fascinated and want to hear all about the US.

I always thought that it was important to get away from the bases & Port cities, I wanted to meet the "Real" people in each of the 40 countries I visited. The "Con men" and Hucksters flock to the places servicemen & women arrive, but getting out into the countryside, you will find, as I always did, wonderful people. People who are eager to share information, heritage, stories, food, drink, and hospitality. From these people, you learn about the country you are visiting I a way that books & movies can never reveal.

People, are people. Generally they are good & kind. Generally they respect and admire US military personnel. The places I have encountered the worst treatment were all in the US. Generations of Liberals who feel no need to respect anybody but themselves, money, and their own importance. Many places overseas I have been "Thanked", invited into a home, or treated as a celebrity by a stranger.

That depends on who you ask. Our allies will say we're great, those that hate us will say we're strong but evil. People who are borderline autistic will say that we've lost almost every war we've ever fought in while completely ignoring our multitude of successes both on and off the battlefield, and the fact that the military is ultimately at the mercy of politicians, and some would even attempt to paint everyone in the military as some sort of psycho. Those people, in my experience, have generally never served in, never even thought about serving in, nor have any idea or the required fortitude necessary to serve in the military. Maybe the next time Europe starts a world war, or another country asks us for help, we'll just sit out since we're so horrible.

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