How is the U.S. President's cell phone kept charged?

Not entirely sure why I was aksed to answer but I will give my best speculation on the matter. I have zero direct knowledge.

Likely there are spare batteries carried along by his staff or secret service agents which are charged using a direct battery charger and then swapped in when needed. Of course let us not forget that the president is unlikely to ever be out of contact due to redundant communication methods.

For example this device is used to charge blackberry batteries outside of the phone.

In the next Avengers: Infinity War, will we get to see a huge cast of Marvel?

Yes, we will again see a huge cast and the next movie will be even bigger in terms of starcast as Captain MARVEL and Ant Man will also join the team.While many heroes died at the end after Thanos eliminated half of the population, but it was obvious these deaths are

Why should people adopt?

Why should people adopt. This is my kind of question because it brings me the most joy answering it.People should consider adoption if they want to PARENT. I knew this from a young age and started babysitting when I was 12 . Life happened, college, work, I got married , didn't work out , more college , more