How is this gaming PC build?

It's not very good.

Here is why;

Firstly: You have selected a K series CPU. This means the multipliers for the CPU are unlocked. At the same time you also selected a chip set that is not for performance CPUs. Look for a Z170 board. MSI, Asus, and EVGA provide good options. You could always go for a locked CPU and save; however, down the road this prevents you from getting the most out of your money.

Second: The RAM, I would advise that you not go for under 16gb ram as a minimum. The reason being is that many modern AAA titles are starting to require a baseline of 16 gigabytes of ram now. This is not really surprising and the more games (slowly) advance the more memory is required not only for RAM, but VRAM and non-volatile memory as well.

Third: Your GPU, the 1060 is a fine card. Gigabyte is not my first choice and you can disregard this. Based on personal experience they are cheaply made and do not last as long or perform as well as competitors cards. I have used MSI, Asus, EVGA, and reference cards for Nvidia. I personally would stick to MSI or Asus based on quality and support. Corsair is also an option now with their closed loop systems though those mostly fill the gap for ITX. My recommendation for a cheap 1060 would be to consider the MSI Armor cards.

The case seems budget oriented and I really am not familiar with terribly good budget oriented cases. So I would suggest to research and make sure that it is reviewed, try Youtube.

EVGA makes some very nice PSUs and I can say that I have had no issues with their Nova PSU lineup. I personally have the 1KW edition platinum rated . That might be something to consider would be looking for one of their Gold rated as a minimum and if you plan to ever do SLI or add more components for a 750W PSU as well. This is a personal choice and I can understand budget constraints may dictate this.

Other personal choices would be looking for an Intel or Samsung Evo SSD. Amazon commonly has both of these for cheap pricing. Considering switching your WDD drive to a Black vs a Blue (That's irony and seriousness). Look for a motherboard with built in wireless or consider looking for a motherboard with a slot for wireless chip-sets. The MSI Mpower is one options.

I don't know what brought you to the monitor. It may be good and I have not researched it. Some other companies to look into would be BenQ, Asus, and Samsung.

Good luck on your new computer. I hope I have given you a few things to think about, sorry some of it was a bit critical but in my experience it is sometimes better to wait and go without than get cheap parts. Cheap computer parts are prone to failure and that "cheap" is a rather relative term in building a computer!

Have a good day :)

Edit: I see that there is a recommendation for the 1070. This is not really necessary for 1080p gaming. If you were playing 1440p or above I would recommend a different card. With 1080p the GPU you have has more than enough strength to take on most any AAA title on ultra and should be steady at 60hz. Especially with the 6gb editions you can even get into modding pretty heavily.

For gaming there is also enough evidence to support that you really do not need to exceed 2100mhz. If you can get DDR4 which does for cheap that's great, otherwise it's an unended expense. More RAM is better than faster RAM for 99% of consumer applications.

Try to change the ram stick, because MSI H110M supports only till 2133 mhz.(try getting 2 x 8 gb 2133 mhz ram sticks).

I don't think you ll be needing a 6600K for gaming, so i suggest you go for i5 6500 and save some money. Also you wont be needing the Cooler Master for 6500, stock cooler will be enough.

With the money saved i suggest you buy gtx 1070 instead of 1060. So you'll get better performance in gaming.

Other than that rest of your setup looks decent!!!

It looks like a very solid build. My only complaints would be the 1080p 60Hz monitor with a 1060. I looked up some 1080p benchmarks for the card and it got a consistent 90–100 fps in most games. However, in some games it did get "only" 60 fps, so look up "1060 6gb 1080p (insert game you will play) benchmarks. Also, you are probably aware of this but if you can, not using a network adapter and using a wired connection is always better. Overall, nice build and it would be great to game on.

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