How life changing are the teachings you've learned from Isha Yoga programs? Did they actually give you lasting changes?

Long lasting changes, eh .. hmm .. let's see:

(1) I had chronic sinusitis for the first 23 years of my life. After starting the Isha yoga practices, it vanished without a trace in 3 months and has not come back since. So, I can call that a long lasting change #1.

(2) I was so crude, one would have to beat me with a crowbar to get to treat another person with compassion. But now, I relate to a child as I would do to a youngster as also with a much older person. No qualms or hesitation within me now. That's change #2 ..

(3) Public speaking was never my forte till college life though my English or Hindi linguistic skills were as good as anybody else. But not after the yoga programs I underwent through Isha Foundation. These programs did not only teach me yogic practices but more importantly established a way of life for me that built confidence, compassion and creativity for me. Now, I spend a lot of my time conducting public sessions both in official and personal lives. That could be termed change #3 ..

(4) I was down with Dengue fever on 1st Jan, 2014 and was admitted to a hospital. But my yoga practices built enough strength in me to help me get relieved from the hospital in 4 days. Though the fever left my skeletal system weak, I was able to get to an even better physical condition through a practice called 'Yoga Namaskar' learnt from Isha foundation. After that I have run two 10K marathons, without any prior running practice in life. So, that's change #4 ..

I could go on and on, especially considering that many of my family members including my own mother, brother, wife, etc. have benefitted immensely through the Isha yoga practices.

Don't believe me, but don't disbelieve either. You can check it out for yourself:

Benefits of Meditation | Shambhavi Mahamudra - Sadhguru

I am not familiar with Isha Yoga but after a quick google I see similarity's to the Traditional Himalayan teachings that I study and practice:

  • Yoga as a complete path
  • Yoga as a science
  • Yoga as reality, enlightenment
  • Yoga as exclusion of none - we are one

From the ideas above I can tell you that my practice not only brings me lasting change but acceptance of change. There is no arrival and no rest. I suspect that the ultimate enlightenment comes at the culmination of life.

To walk the path one must be consistent in devotion and this requires a level of assertiveness that brings a person to the path and says:

  • The path has brought me to this point and I am Ready Now (Sutra 1).
  • I must do this.
  • I will do this!
  • By experience (through practice) I have faith that I am on the right path.

Regardless if a person practices Isha or any other similar practice the afore mentioned ideas and stead-fastness to them are the essence of any change. And that is where I am. My introduction to the Himalayan Tradition was maybe 4–5 years ago... no "transformation". But when my NOW occurred (Fall of 2016) this walk has become my daily walk.

THAT (this) is a lasting change!

The amount of change it brings depends on how effectively you assimilate the methods into your life.

For instance, once I started looking at responsibility as a way to respond instead of looking at it as a burden I saw a drastic change in how I dealt with many situations I have come across.

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