How long after stopping a regular weight lifting routine would you start to lose strength?

A general estimate is 10–15% strength loss after 6 months of inactivity. I know people who have talked themselves into being much weaker after just 2 weeks. I've also renegotiated this ‘mindset' weakness with a few, telling one, in particular, that he was, if anything, likely to be a little stronger for taking a break. He took this new ‘knowledge' and lifted 5 kg more than he ever had before. So he had just failed 110 kg bench press, his previous best, and was convinced he was ‘much weaker'. I assured him that this was just in his mind and that, on average, he should up to 5% stronger, after a two week break. He made the 110, then 112.5, then 115 kg (242lb, 247.5 lb and 253lb). The last two, being personal bests for him at the time. He was intrigued by this new knowledge and curious why he'd never heard it before. I explained to him, that he couldn't be blamed for that because I'd only made it up 5 minutes ago.

Bottom line: Don't trust anything I say, or possibly, don't fabricate an ‘I'm weak' story. The thing about this is it's usually true. There was no reason to believe he'd lift more but there was also no reason he should have lost noticeable strength. By re-casting his time away from training as a break, coupled with my ‘new knowledge' he overcame the real hurdle, which was in his head. Now all that said, feel free just to dial it back a bit if you have had a break and get the first few sessions with relative ease, to build confidence and momentum, then smash your previous PB.

It it going to mess up my fasting if I have a protein shake after a late night workout ? My window is usually 3–7 pm

Fasting is going for long periods of times without eating. Having a protein shake after you work out would be fine in general because you're replenishing energy and sugars you burned up during the workout. Also having high protein content shakes is essential as it helps repair the tears in your

Should I drink cold water after exercising?

No, you should not. After exercising, your blood pressure is slightly elevated also, your temperature. The body's oxygen demand is high thus increased heartbeat and vasodilation occurs.If you take cold water immediately, it's going to get absorbed and somewhat induce vasoconstriction of the blood vessels and this is not something good at

Should I be ashamed of my origins?

There's nothing to be ashamed of: how/where/why you came to existence means very little if we're talking about your life's path. For instance, I was not supposed to exist at all - my mother did not want me. However, through a combination of many circumstances, I was born and my mother's opinion about my fate does not