How long before I see results from 200 push ups a day?

What type of results are you looking for?
Pushups are not a good builder of size or strength. Pushups are mostly endurance work, especially when doing 200 reps.
So, pushups might help you with looking lean, assuming your diet is on point.

The problem with doing 200 pushups a day with no buildup is that you will be extremely sore at first with such high volumes; you will be too sore to do anything for the next few days. If you're serious about doing this program, build up your work capacity over time. Do something like 2 sets of as many reps as possible (AMRAP) while leaving 2 reps in the tank. Then do 3 sets the next day, then 4, etc.

Also, thinking long term, be aware of possible tendonitis. 200 reps is a lot, and if you do it everyday, you may not be giving yourself enough time to adapt.
How many hours should I jog to lose weight?

None. Running isn't going to make you lose weight. Exercise in general is useless when it comes to weight loss.Exercise can increase your endurance but it's definitely not the key to weight loss.If you don't believe me, look at marathon runners. Most marathon runners have thin arms and legs, they look overall slim when

How did getting a better body through exercise & gym help you in other areas of life?

Main Point: The behavior characteristics and qualities that you develop as a result of being an individual who kicks his/her own ass in the gym are the same behavior characteristics that will guide you to success in every other part of your life. The bottom line is that you learn a lot about yourself by exercising

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