How long can a human survive just on cosmic energy without food and water?

OK.... I will tell you, but you have to believe me.

Forever.. is the answer.

Food and water are essential for body to breath air. And you obviously know that we can survive up to 21 days without food but not without water.

Cosmic Rays

Once you start consuming cosmic rays for your soul, you don't have anything, literally.
You don't have to breath, so food and water are out of thinking.
And the stage of Nirvana is possible.

But you will end up like this one.

Physically your body needs food and water. 21 days without water and you are pretty much dead. Cosmic rays are not a source of sustenance for humans or other animals. At that point it depends on your belief start getting into metaphysical questions....what happens after you you continue on as a spiritual being, do you cease to exist or are you reincarnated in a different form and do you even need a form of sustenance in that state. Truth is you won't know until you get in that state. As for now eat and drink because your body needs it to survive and remember to live life as a kind and thoughtful human being.

Are there any Tesla car copycats?

Prior to the ‘90s, there were manufacturers of products that ‘borrowed' designs, and patterns based on USA, Germany or other major manufacturers of Tools, tooling and other components.However, when China joined the World Trade Organization, then they ageed to abide by the Intellecual property rules of the

Why do some people believe that IQ can't be increased when science proves otherwise?

I'm a researcher in the field, and I'm not aware of any scientifically-validated studies with representative populations that suggest IQ can be meaningfully increased, other than a practice-effect that does not reflect a true increase in intelligence.

We don't know how aliens look but surely we are aliens to someone, right?

We don't know how aliens look but surely we are aliens to someone, right?Maybe, not yet surely. We are only aliens to some other species in the sense intended by the question if aliens in this sense do, in fact, exist. While it has become increasingly common to assume that aliens exist,