How long can a mouth cancer patient live?

Probably as long as a normal person can live.


Cancer - the word itself causes so much of fear in us. It is because the mankind is facing a difficult situation when it comes to the treatment of cancer.

It is often said that for cancer the treatment is more dangerous than the disease but people still go for such treatments by spending a savings of a lifetime because of the fear cancer generates.

There is no remedy in medical science for metastatic cancer (cancer which has spread to distant organs).

Let us understand what is cancer and what need to be done to tackle it.

Cancer is a disease of energy metabolism gone wrong. The cancer cells produce energy at a very high rate compared to normal cells by consuming huge quantity of glucose. But this energy production is very inefficient and unwanted.

You will be surprised to know that the PET scan used to detect cancer is nothing but a scan to detect where the glucose is consumed in higher quantities. The glucose used for PET scan is FDG (Fluroscent D Glucose).

Cancer cells survive only on glucose and the easiest was to kill them is to starve them.

When the body is short of glucose supply it starts producing glucose by a process called gluconeogenesis. In this process the person spends more energy in producing glucose than the energy produced by glucose metabolism in cancer cells. This negative equation leads to fast weight loss. This extremely quick loss of muscle and fat is known as cachexia. This often leads to death.

Cancer uses our immune system to spread. The overactive immune system causes inflammation. This also needs to be tackled by mai raining the diet and a healthy lifestyle. It is something like the gangster snatching the gun from a policeman and using against them. We need to take back the gun from them and use it on them or else survival will be in doubt.

The foods and habits that promote cancer should be stopped immediately and those which helps our body fight cancer should be taken up. The body of every individual is different and has different requirement and approach. Also the transition of diet is difficult in most cases and needs assistance.

Ayurvedic treatments may not work on cancer. But they are definitely harmless unlike allopathic treatment.

Ayurveda is an ancient science. During those days cancer was unknown. Most diseases which have effective treatment in Ayurveda are all diseases of malnutrition. Today most diseases are diseases of affluent lifestyle and over nutrition. Therefore the basic principle itself is a mismatch. Most ayurvedic medicines are given with honey, ghee, sugar, milk etc. So can for yourself understand this.

Chemotherapy is the only available option in allopathic treatment for cancer. Even if surgery is possible, doctors definitely recommend chemo after surgery. Radiation is also never done without chemo.

For chemo it is said that the treatment is more dangerous than the disease itself and kills before the disease can kill.

It has also been found that chemotherapy is less than 3% effective overall.

Whatever treatment you may opt for but please do not neglect the diet and lifestyle. It determines the hormonal status of the body.

Some tips:

avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates completely

Go for a high fiber diet

Stop the use of dairy products completely - Milk is meant for the calf not humans. The calf grows within days and such rapid growth needs very high quantity of growth hormones which are present in milk. But for us the milk with high growth hormones only promotes cancer. If you wish you can google about IGF (Insulin like Growth Hormone) and it's relationship with cancer and also it's presence in milk. Please stop the intake of dairy products completely.

Drink a lot of water

Take citric foods

Take sunbath without fail. Sunbath produces Vitamin D in the body. This also reduces cholesterol. Vitamin D is helpful for the bones. In case of cancer Vitamin D regulates the cell cycle and stops the unnecessary rapid cell cycles which leads to tumor. Therefore Vitamin D is very essential.

The diet needs a personalised customization as per individual requirements. But the above facts will be applicable in all cases.

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