How long could we survive away from our sun?

If The Sun Went Out, How Long Could Life On Earth Survive?

Well, technically, we are away from our sun. About 150 million kilometers to be exact. If you mean something along the lines of "what if the sun went out?" then not too long. I could explain it here, but just check this out: What would happen if the Sun disappeared? | Space Facts – Astronomy, the Solar System & Outer Space | All About Space Magazine

Should we watch superhero movies?

I definitely do, being a fan of fantasy genre, Superhero movies are like modernized fantasy for me. Plus they hold a special place in my heart because they are made from Superhero comics which were the reason I started reading at age of 4.

How can one become a French 3-star Michelin chef?

Oliver Carrigher's answer sums it up pretty nicely.To go into a little bit more detail:Absolute, fanatical, constant unyielding attention to detail. In everything to do with your restaurant.Spending years finding absolutely reliable suppliers of extremely high quality ingredients.Spending as much, or more, time assembling a team of extremely well-trained, disciplined and highly motivated cooks, waiters and

Which one is healthier between black garlic and solo garlic?

Getting test report certificate from Creekbay black garlic, Black garlic more thealthier.Black Garlic BenefitsIn order to keep the garlic granules a lot of moisture, all the production process to maintain a moist state, it looks similar to the fruit. This is because the protein in the garlic is decomposed into amino acids after prolonged fermentation and