How long could you stay in a tiny house?

The idea of downsizing the living is in trend these days. Tiny homes are typically made up for a bachelor or a couple as it acquires area up to 1000 square feet. Due to the countless features a Tiny House has to offer, people are increasing adopting this lifestyle. But the reality of small living isn't always easy and is not cheap either. Because when you live with somebody else or a family in a tiny house, you don't have as much space or rooms to spread out.

Previously, we had a three-bedroom, two-bath house that had a family room and a formal living room and several TVs, and my husband and I spent most of our time in different areas. Not having room to spread out anymore makes it possible to spend more time with each other. Though it took a lot of time to get used to it, but now I wouldn't want it any other way. I don't want to go back to us living in separate rooms, and not really communicating or spending time together.

But when it comes to a family of four or more people then tiny house could be a trouble maker. No one will be left with any personal space for themselves.

Most of what I miss is just about convenience in tiny house. I don't have a toaster or a washer and dryer. I do my laundry in a bucket with a plunger and hang the wet clothes off the life lines. And there is no good place to store shoes!

Living in a tiny house is not for everyone. But with shared values and healthy perspectives, I can stay forever in a tiny hose with my partner.


I've answered one like this before. A tiny house is really no different than a regular house in regard to how long one might live in one. The fact that it's tiny has no impact on it ‘meeting our needs'. That's really the key. People stay in the places they live as long as that place ‘meets their needs'. People outgrow places. People decide they don't like where they live anymore. Those are all reasons for people moving. The length of time that someone lives in a tiny house is really no different. People will live in it as long as they like it.

The added benefit of a tiny house on wheels is that you can relocate the house without having to get a new house. So if you are in an area you no longer want to live in or work takes you elsewhere, you have the option to take the house with you. You don't get that with most other types of houses.

Chris - Tinyhouseinthecountry

Chris was right, there are no difference at all if you stay in a tiny house or big, now, I stay in a tiny condo in Manila. Many people choose a tiny house or condo or apartment because they can stay long as they meet their needs and they choose tiny house because it is near from work, malls, market, church or what they need.

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