How long did it take you to bench press 100kg?

That's 220 lbs which is basically 2 45lb plates on each side of the bar.

Myself as well as pretty much the entire offensive and defensive line of our football team, (American football, not "soccer" as we call it - yes I know the rest of the world calls that football) were bench pressing that at the age of 16–17. Mind you I started lifting weights at age 13 as by then I was already 6' tall and over 185 lbs (85kg).

When you're 6' tall and weigh 210lbs (almost 100kg) at that age already, it isn't that much of a stretch to push that kind of weight when you started lifting weights at a young age. After another year or so with the excellent trainers we had at my school I was pushing 275 lbs (125kg) and squatting / deadlifting double that.

It's a different culture we have over here in the US (and especially in Texas where football is a religion) with training and workouts are taken very seriously with very high quality weight trainers and coaches. As I said- pretty much ALL my team mates pushed that kind of weight and some of the bigger guys were doing 3 plates per side (315lbs or around 145kg).

All naturally with no juice (steroids) or anything. 16–17yo kids didn't have access to juice back then (this was 1986) so it was all just from eating tons of food and protein and working out heavily with top knotch training staff so when we came off the line and hit you- you felt it. Well.

I'm a begginer to body building which suppliment is best for me?

It depends upon the body type that you have. You should take the right supplement in order to achieve your goal.yes, you need to take supplement according to your goal whether you need to reduce weight or gain muscle or shred the excessive fat etc..Most importantly, you need to do the right

If girls prefer personality over looks, then why don't they date nice guys?

Being a bad guy doesn't mean you're a good looking guy in general.Neither does being a nice guy mean you're a bad looking guy in general.Here is an adaptation of what I answered in a similar topic:first of all: unless you have a third arm growing out of your forehead, to most (decent)

What is the easiest way to lose weight once you've hit a plateau?

Manipulate your diet again.If you've been in a sustained caloric deficit, then your body probably adapted to the lower level of calories. The best thing you can probably do at this point is to start re-introducing calories back in so