How long did it take you to learn HTML and CSS?

It might take months or even years to feel comfortable depending on the process you choose to learn. For me it took me around 4 months (Though I did 2 month course, but still I need to practice lot after those 2 months).

The best way is to go with the basics and start working on the web pages.

You can learn the basics from Mozilla Developer Network and work on real projects.

There are so many nice tutorials out there.


Like after the basics of HTML work on InternStreet - HTML first project solution

Once you got the basics of CSS work on Designing personal website - Internstreet Web Design demo project

Similarly, Simple Form Project - Internstreet Web Design Course

This way you will be working on actual projects which will make your concept more clear and you will enjoy reading more about it.

Once you complete few assignments then go and read some actual codes. It will really help you in writing better HTML codes. I've seen students saying that they know HTML and CSS but their codes are so bad that you almost have to scrap and write it again in production environment.

Follow some blogs

Codrops | Useful resources and inspiration for creative minds

CSS-Tricks is really nice.

It takes time and patience to learn something. But if you do it right way then you can fasten the whole learning process.

I personally enjoyed Internstreet web design course Web Design Bootcamp with mentors | Internstreet . They provide you a personal mentor who will help you with doubts, projects and code reviews.

P.S - Its my personal view, I'm not endorsing a course :P

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