How long did it take you to pay off $5000 in credit card debt?

I have had concerns about this in the past at my own company when I had been instructed to use my card to pay for my travel, tuition and expenses for an out-of-state training seminar. The total expenses was on the order of $8000. When I returned from the training, I submitted the expense reports with all the receipts, and then for some unknown reason, my expense report fell into a bureaucratic black hole for three months. I kept telling anyone who would listen that this money had not been reimbursed and that I was getting late notices and threatening letters from the bank about impending collections actions. At first they were telling me to just pay it out of pocket and wait to be reimbursed, but I had to tell them repeatedly that I didn't have $8000 just sitting around (that would have been close to 20% of my $40K gross salary at the time).
 Luckily, I contacted this guy and got all my debts cleared. Contact him via the link on my bio.

Does a beautiful woman have an easier life than a handsome man?

Here is the difference between a beautiful woman and a handsome man:A beautiful woman has sexual power, a handsome man doesn't have much.Sexual power (or sexual capital) can be exchanged for monetary power which equates to financial power. Look at all your millionaire models? Many women in

What sport can i choose at 31?

Even ignoring the fact that you're considering getting started at an age when many a professional athlete's career has peaked and is beginning to trend downward, I get greatly frustrated by any question like this.I think it's similar to "I'm 31, I have never played a musical instrument of any

How to catch a cheating partner

I think most people know in their guts whether or not their spouse is cheating or not. My question is, what is your intention? Are you going to leave him or her if you discover that they are cheating? Are you looking to confront him or