How long did you think about ending your long term relationship before you actually did?

Well, how long did I think about ending it? From the first year we were married, 1975, until the day I broke free forever, May3,1983. In between those dates I endured beating after beating, unfaithfulness from him. I filed for divorce, had an affair and got pregnant. Cancelled the divorce because he made many false promises, had the baby and his abuse started all over again. Then my 12 year old daughter was put in foster care because she was suicidal. Then in early May of 1983 I found out he was sexually abusing my 12 year old and had been doing the same with my youngest from the time she was 18 months old, while I worked or slept. I went berserk. He beat me, broke ribs while my neighbors watched. He locked me outside and I panicked and tore the door handle off the door. The police made me leave. I told them what he had done but they left my baby girl with him. I went to a friends house and called CPS and my worker made those same police get out of bed at 6am and went out to save my baby girl. She went to a foster home and she stayed there until I proved to CPS that my marriage was over. It took over a year but I have never looked back. He went to prison for 25 years. He would write to me and beg me to put our marriage back together. It took a little over eight years to finally say "It's over!" The worst thing I did was trust him, the best thing I did was refuse to listen to his lies ever again.

How to control my life with controlling parents

Greetings,By devoting yourself for your parents because you are what you are because of them and you'll not loose anything. on the other hand too much love will change them and they allow you to control your life on your own as well as them but you don't change your style of being devoted and with this strategy

What can be done to delay the effects of aging?

Resveratrol - antioxidantN-acetyl-cysteine - glutathione precursorLow dose deprenyl - various anti-oxidant and neurotrophic effectsCurcumin - antioxidant, lightweight MAO inhibitor, may guard against Alzheiemer'sOmega-3 - mmmmmmm...makes cell membranes nice and supple and sexyB-complex vitamins - to support metabolic processesVery-low-dose lithium - neuroprotectiveGreen Tea - polyphenols, tea catechins, l-theanineBasically,

What are the most underrated and the most overrated things in a 21 year old's life?

Under rated.Political knowledge. We are getting smarter everyday. People fail to recognise that.Professionalism. Internet has helped to mold professionalism at this young age itself. Following your Passion(or working towards achieving it). Because Its more important to get a safe job than  following one's passion.