How long do you spend on one machine in the gym before moving on to the next machine?

It depends on what your target is. Are you trying to shred or bulk? Are you trying to improve endurance, or strength or power?

The answer to any of these questions will determine the number of sets and reps as well as how long you rest between sets. It also determines how much time under tension you want and hence how long each rep is going to be. Last but not least, how many exercises can you do on this one machine?

Depending on all that, it can take you anything from a few min to about half an hour.

How do closeted gay men in heterosexual marriages have children? Surely, wouldn't the man be unaroused and therefore unable to become erect and inseminate the woman?

I was the wife of a closeted gay man and had two children with him.I was sexually aggressive.Most men will become aroused if you know how to touch them.If I didn't initiate, there was no sex.Often, when I initiated, he did not want sex. I used to go to

Since divorce rates are so high and love wears off shortly after marriage, why would one give their heart to another only to have it broken? Why would anyone want to get married?

If the declining marriage rates don't speak for themselves, allow me to speak for them:Marriage is a concept, a construct, and a expiring tradition.50 years ago, marriage was a

What do teenagers do that other teenagers find cringeworthy?

Pretending to act stupid and ditzy, for the sake of appearing cute.Sometimes people will make themselves look dumb, like saying that they never knew you were in their science class, despite sitting next to you for the past seven months. Or maybe they'll make it painfully obvious that