How long does it take mail to go from Dallas Texas to Houston TX?

Assuming you choose regular shipping, and the package is shipped before pickup time, I see it make it to Houston (or vice-versa) the following day, regardless of what priority is chosen.

If you ship the package after the carrier has picked up for the day, it will be at least two days.

There's always the anomalies which kick the days out further, but that depends on what shipping option you choose. Priority overnight is going to make it there next day. So it all comes down to the timing of drop-off which should be as early as possible, or you pay for the up-charge to get it there faster.

Oh, and I do live in the DFW area and ship back to Houston frequently. If I want to bypass all of this, I just go Fedex or UPS if it absolutely has to make it overnight. Otherwise, you have to just plan it right but then be flexible for any unintentional hang-ups along the way

I agree with what the other guy said. Usually one day for first class, 2 at the most. My office is in Pearland. The water people, the copier people and my malpractice insurance premiums get mailed to Dallas and I'm in a town called Pearland. Usually if I mailed my checks to any of those vendors my check has cleared the bank within 3 days. Hey there is always UPS or Fed Ex if you need something sent overnight and to track.

No less than two days. It gets processed locally in the evening and will be on a truck driving to Houston before sunrise tomorrow. It could be there to get processed for that second day delivery if it arrives in time.

I have family in Houston, we have mailed letters to Christmas packages. Regular letters, "normal" mail days, 24–48 hours. I have dropped off a letter early morning, before 8am and had it delivered next day late. Now, holidays, we are singing a different tune! I have had letters and packages take 3–5 days!!!

I have no set in stone answer for this, but I can tell you that in the old days before the internet/e-mail, UPS/FedEx started taking a serious bite out of their revenue could pretty much count on it arriving the next day. These days you'll be lucky if it arrives in two days, and even 3–4 if there is even the slightest bit of severe weather anywhere along the route.

Typically overnight or two days, occasionally longer. Given present conditions, of course, there may be significant delays.

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